posted on: Thursday, June 13, 2013

Having the best sleepover with my girls in Cabo brought us back to our college days where piling into one big bathroom together and getting ready at the same time was a daily occurrence. It made me wonder how I have ever gotten ready any other way these past 5 years since college. Oh how I miss the  loud music, hairdryers blowing, stories and most of all... talking about products! I LOVE hearing what other girls use so this weekend was like opening a caboodle full of knowledge. The girls have graciously shared some of their must have beauty essentials...

Meet my chick-a-dees: California sugar plum, hair of a grecian goddess [cascading curls and all], most down to earth winkle-giving-comedian you have ever met [Lee Lee I will be sending my laugh line botox bill to you in a few years]... swears by Trader Joe's Coco Butter lotion, dips her glorious locks in Pureology serum [purple container], and coats her dainty eyelashes in Clinque's Lash doubling mascara

Sarah aka my college booty buddy [seriously we never left each others sides]..this girl exudes amazingness and she literally stops people in their tracks when she walks into a room. She rolls her nothing short of spectacular hair with Conair Hot Rollers, never parts with  Chanel's lip stain in Rose Quartz and lathers her entire body in CeraVe lotion little love chip and sweet fresh breath of air... She was born on the East Coast [probably in a bikini], studied in Texas [Europe and Australia] and now is living the engaged life in California with her super cute beau. This sweet thing swears by Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Oscar Blondi dry shampoo, Aquafor [duh], Shea Butter lip balm, Trader Joe's Coco Butter and anything Kate Somerville [if you are in LA, Jordan recommends you run, not walk, to the Kate Somerville spa}.

Princess Baha...seriously she is a Persian Princess [okay not really, but really] from the land of the heat who is sweeter than any Georgia Peach [ties with Sass] who is literally the most well versed beauty product maven that walks this earth. She knows it all and her wealth of knowledge is priceless [Baha, you need to start charging for  your services]...this royalty swears by Chanel liquid concealer, Guerlain Terracotta bronzer, Cetaphil lotion and Shu Uemura Essenc Absolue to keep her dark locks looking fabulous.

There you have it...the valuable beauty advice from the some of the most beautiful ladies around the country.


  1. Oh I love this! I miss getting ready with girls every night so much! Some times that was more fun than the night ahead! Can we please sit on the bathroom sink together and gab at SI?! XOXO


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