posted on: Monday, June 10, 2013

Our trip to Charlottesville was divine and I can honestly say I miss that city [and the very special people in it] so very much. It reminded me SO much of where I grew up just down south. After a beautiful couples baby shower for M + J and their growing baby girls, we woke up and headed to the farmers market. I just love this hippy town :)

W tried his first popsicle and lets just say I will be covered in sticky, dripping popsicle melt all summer.
Casey, W, Megan [plus A + MM in that sweet belly] 
We headed out to some a local winery [don't you wish you could just drive 20 mins and be in wine country!]

The most precious belly housing two of the sweetest little rose buds that I cannot wait to squeeze once they make their grand debut.

W chilled in a real swing for the first time and LOVE it.

Casey took us up to Mr. Jefferson's abode which was stunning. Casey is certain W will be President one day soon so he wanted him to see how the past father's of our land rolled. And can we please pause to just oogle at this sweet face on this sweetest boy. It is as if he is actually saying "cheeeeeeeeese."

Love. love. love. love. times a billion-gajillion.

W was just so excited to be heading home to see his daddy. Thank you M + J for such a memorable trip. We cannot wait for the baby girls to arrive and to see you next time as parents. 


  1. What a great trip you had! Love all your beautiful pics! We have a ergo too! I love it I wish Wes would wear it, but he refuses too! haha.

    1. We have every other carrier except for the Ergo... borrowed this one from my sister in law and it is amazing!!! Purchasing it immediately!

  2. I have a friend who got married at Pippin. It's just gorgeous up there. The view is breathtaking.

    1. They were setting up for a wedding when we were there. So beautiful!

  3. You look gorgeous!!!! Love that baby carrier- who makes it?!

    -Ally xo

  4. That pic of W smiling in the Ergo, might be my favorite one yet --- so cute! Megan looks adorable too!


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