posted on: Friday, June 21, 2013

This week was a backyard kind of week. We swam [enjoying our pool for the last few days of having one in the backyard], we grilled food, and....we swatted mosquitos. Now I know why I keep hearing friends and family talk about installing mosquito spray systems! 

My weekly Friday flower bouquet still going strong. And getting more and more beautiful by the day.

Abita Purple Haze is a MUST try. If you like Blue Moon, this stuff will be your kryptonite for this summer. Abita makes lots of other summery infused beers and I have tried them all but I cannot help but come back to this purple bottle. And yes, we are eating on cheap Target TV dinner trays outside. Don't judge.
Grilling corn is so delicious and supper easy peasy. Soak peeled corn in cold water for 20+ minutes [the ears absorb the water which helps them stem when they are wrapped up in the heat], sprinkle them with a little olive oil [I swear Rachel Ray has ruined the actual word "olive oil" for me. Every time I see it or read it, her voice saying "evoo" "evoo" "evoo" rings in my ear. ugh], salt and pepper, wrap them up in tin foil like little swaddled infants and pop them on a hot grill. It takes about 15 minutes for them to cook through and just make sure you turn/flip them every couple of minutes. Bam. Corn. Yum.

I ordered this fabulous necklace [on sale]. I have been searching for a fun torqouise one and I just could not resist.  It comes in four pret-tay, pre-tay colors and I think all of you need one as well. To me, this will be my new statement piece at a great price :) Also, check out J Crew's 25% sale with code NEWSTYLE. I purchased this bikini, this top in the prettiest shade of blue, and this tee. Can you tell I am on a stripes kick these days?

And just for kicks here is the little guy post nap. standing. teeth on display. cheeeeeese face. and I am pretty sure he is thoughts are something along the lines of mom-I-am-so-glad-to-see-you. 


  1. Gorgeous peonies!! One of my favorite things about summer is being able to have cookouts and spend time outside with friends.

    happy weekend!



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