posted on: Friday, June 14, 2013

I like to think of myself a self proclaimed queen of mixing affordable [very affordable] pieces with higher end clothing. I swear any time someone actually takes the time to compliment some part of my outfit...9 times out of 10 is it from Forever 21. I have a lot of patience which is what you need to take on that store. I am able to find the hidden gems amongst all of the rif-raf. 
Some people like to wear all of their nice things with only other nice things... but I think there is a perfect vibe and meshing [is that a word] that comes from mixing highs and lows together. This Hermes scarf would love to hang out with this simple black maxi from Old Navy for $24, H&M belt, Urban Outfitters cuff and Forever 21 shoes. I like to think of the Hermes as saying "You can sit here if want," just like Bubba did for Forest [I am making a mental note to watch Forrest Gump on repeat this weekend]. So let the mingling and mixing begin!

Old Navy maxi [updated version]. H&M belt [love this option]. Urban Outfitters cuff. Hermes scarf [find one on ebay]. Dior cateye sunnies. Forever 21 shoes [exact shoe].

 I am cleaning out my closet this weekend [trying to simplify, more on this issue/topic to come] so next week I will have some things for sale on the blog if anyone is interested! Stay tuned. Happy weekend! 


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