posted on: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

After an 8 hour drive, our sweet Aunt KK arrived in Texas and little W was more than excited to be in her presence. And a plus is she has really, REALLY long hair that needed lots of pulling.
Just a TINY bit excited she was here with us.
Aunt KK even read W his favorite book over and over again. It is so worth the repetitive reading to receive smiles like this one...
 Some casual shopping, brunching, lunching, cocktailing and lounging took place.

 And lots of standing practice for the little guy. This kiddo loves to stand...and bounce.
 My groupies.
We are surely missing our Aunt KK. Please come back and live with us. Forever.


  1. Adorable pics of W!! So sweet!
    And love your outfit, per usual :)


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