posted on: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taylor Covington [a sorority sister of mine] has moved to Cape Town and started her own handbag line, The Savage Collection by Taylor Covington. I have not seen this gorgeous, blue eyed lady since college but I stumbled upon her line and I am just blown away. A girl who grew up surrounded by hunters, I have a huge appreciation and love for animal hides. I am obsessed with them and I am just dying over these TC purses. The bags are made of fine indigenous African springbok and are one of the chicest things I have seen this season. I am loving all of the bags and could see a use for any one of them in my wardrobe. If I had to choose, I think my first choice would be the Giant Body Bag. I could store all kinds of fun things for W in there while still looking like a super coolio motha. Taylor...kudos to you and your ambition to start such an innovative line. Congrats girlie! xo


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