posted on: Monday, May 13, 2013

I woke on my very first Mother's Day as a mother and almost had a heart attack. I heard W over the monitor playing and talking in his crib so I rested for a few more minutes...when I clicked back on the monitor there was nothing. No baby and no sound. Oh of course...Casey has him...I roll over and there is Casey and no W. My only thought left was my baby has been kidnapped on Mother's day. I sprinted through our bedroom, through the den, through the kitchen, through the dining room ( I am looking forward to have W right across the hall from us in the new house) and finally burst through his door. He had not been kidnapped [thank the Lord], he was just snuggled in the very corner of the crib [where apparently the monitor does not see] starring up at the ceiling not making a peep.
I looked into his eyes and then the sweetest smile emerged. Ahh, Happy Mother's Day. 
We snuggled, went on a mother-son morning walk, napped together, brunched with Casey's whole family, napped again and then dined with  Casey's immediate family and my brother for dinner.
My gift to my self.
That face. Those hands. Those toes...all mine.
I was showered with flowers, oreos, cupcakes and sweet cards.
And the best part of all...spending the day with my little boo bear. He is my delight and my sunshine. And I am his lady. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.


  1. You look so beautiful! Sounds like you had an AMAZING first mother's day as a mommy, so happy for you :)


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