posted on: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We loaded up the car and headed out to the ranch to spend some time with family while enjoying the quiet country side. 

 I think if Casey was granted only one wish... [first he would ask for more wishes] it may just be that W grow up to play for the Rangers. We played tee ball with our oldest nephew and it was super sweet to get a glimpse at what it will look like when Casey is out in the backyard teaching W the basics.
We drove down to the barn to introduce W to the horses and let him get acquainted with these gorgeous, sweet creatures. 

Going to the ranch is kind of like a battery charger. We unplug ourselves from the hustle and bustle of our "big city" lives and escape to a place where hair dries naturally, no make up is worn, food is cooked with lots of butter and extra doses of dessert are a requirement. We spend time laughing with family, sneaking away to the quite spots to rest, putting our outdoors hats on and relishing in the peacefulness of it all. On our last morning, it was quite nice to wake up and hear the birds chirping outside our window and know that we all are fully charged. Ready to plug back into the real world yet desperately wanting to stay just one more day.

Thank you to all of the men and women who pledge their lives to this country we call home. Words cannot express our gratitude.


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