posted on: Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last week my sweet friend June asked me if I had read The Honest Life by Jessica Alba and I was so ashamed to say that I had not yet! I immediately ran to Barnes and Noble to snatch the last copy. I have been trying to lead a more organic life style for a while now, and reading her book just reinstated it all. We live in a world full on toxins EVERYWHERE. They are seriously lurking on every corner like fragrance spritzers at Neiman's and Dillard's, and I for one want to be prepared to stop them in their tracks.

Over the past few years I have tried my best to adapt to the Paleo Diet [most of the time, but come on, a girls gotta live a little], I decided to try for an all natural, drug free birth which I ended up having [this was something I was very secretive about because I did not want to hear everyone's opinion on the matter], I breastfed as long as I could [supply is sadly starting to go but I will fight it out until the last drop dries up], I make all of W's baby food with organic fruits, veggies and meat [and reach for Plum Organic pouches when we are on the go], and I ALWAYS put organic sunscreen on [both of us] before we head outdoors.

After reading Jessica's book, I have learned even more about what really is out there in our world so I have a whole new slew of things I am changing and shaking up over here at the Hunt house. I will be posting more boards like this in the coming weeks to keep y'all abreast. There is only so much we can really protect ourselves from these days but I am doing my best to pick the things I find most beneficial to my family and starting there. These are all of my favorite organic baby things that W and I adore and I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Honest Life.

goat milk onesie. kicky pants footie pajamas [softest pj's EVA]. supergoop! sunscreen [only the best made by my sweetest friend, Holly]. aiden + anais organic crib sheet. baby's only organic lactose-relieft formula [smells great, tastes normal, and keeps W's skin fresh while all the others caused him rashes and dry patches]. wean green glass cubes [when in doubt, glass containers are always better. NEVER, microwave food, especially your babies food in plastic containers. efa gold coconut oil [best thing ever. check this link out for all of the uses for coconut oil].  honest company diapers. honest company wipes. honest company swim diapers [I swear by all of these products. the others just do not compare and are not even worth fooling with]


  1. I loved this post! We're still two-ish years away from starting our family, but I'm super health/organic food conscious and I know I'm going to be a crazy person when I'm pregnant and with our baby. Is this The Honest Life all about kids or is it good for anyone to read?

  2. I just love this post! I need to do a post about my organic lifestyle too. I am super strict about anything and everything I use as well as my hubby and baby.


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