posted on: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ahhh I mean are y'all loving getting to know (if you didn't already) these beautiful mommas? Next up is a gorgeous, southern belle that y'all have met here before. Chelsea of Chelsea Note's is back with us to give us her sweet answers about her boo W. He is the snuggliest little man and I cannot wait to see these two some day soon. 
Words that describe your life with a new baby...
Heart swelling. fun. amazing. more than I could ever imagine. He truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Being W's mommy feels like I am where I have always been meant to be
Favorite moments from this first year being a new mommy...
W is so fun right now and once you get him laughing he can barely control himself. I love how excited he is to see me every single morning and after naps.  He is a snuggler and I love how be buries his head into the crook of my neck.....heaven.  My mom jokes that I literally never put W down the first 3 months of his life -- he was always snuggled in mine or Matt's arms, we would take naps with him on our chest all the time.

What do you do during nap time...
 Run around like a mad woman! No but really I clean up around the house, maybe shower ;), blog
What are your "mommy-alone-time" indulgences...
My mommy getaway has become the nail salon -- a good foot rub with the latest People magazine , fresh pedicure, and I am a new woman.  Also -- it is amazing how great I feel and revived (ok, maybe not quite revived the next morning post bottle of wine) after an evening out with my girlfriends -- putting on a cute outfit, having some wine and dishing with each other makes me feel like I have not lost myself in mommyland!
photos above taken by the talented Kim Busby
This being your very first Mother's day, what does that mean to you/ how do you feel about it...
I am so excited to be a first time mommy this mom's day! Being a mommy is the best gift that God has ever given me, and I am so excited to be celebrated by my boys ;)
What is your plan for your first mother's day...
I have told the husband all I want is breakfast in bed.  Here's hoping he and the little man can pull it together.
What wishes do you have for W and his life...
I wish for W to know God and his love.  I pray that he knows that our love for him is unconditional.  I hope that he has a spirit of adventure, is kind, loving, and a gentleman.  

XO, Chelsea

Isn't W the cutest little nugget! And may I just take a moment to note how insanely perfect Chels looks in the hospital after JUST having a baby. I mean girl...this is what we all can only hope to look like after delivering a baby. Wildman and my little W are meant to be best buds and I cannot wait for the W's to finally meet (hopefully this summer!!!). Thank you so much Chels and we are so excited for you and your first Mother's Day with your boys. And cheers to that breakfast in bed...Maybe have Matt call Casey and give him the heads up that this momma would like the same :)


  1. You
    Thank you for having me!! XO

  2. I of course love this post, because it is about my beautiful SIL & nephew :) I have enjoyed reading all about the "new mommies" this week! Such a great blog post idea


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