posted on: Thursday, May 9, 2013

How about these momma's and their sweet, sweet babes? I for one am loving hearing all of their answers and starring at the pictures of these beyond beautiful ladies and their little ones. Our final guest posting new mother is the sweet, sweet Ashley of Love, Live and Be Happy. Ashley and I have mutual friends from KC and she and her husband lived in Texas for a while until they moved back to KC. Of course right after we both found out we were pregnant, they moved :( So sad they are not still here with W and I or else these kiddos would be inseparable. Ashely is one of the most genuine, sweet souls I have met in a long time and I am so grateful she is here with us today....Here's the stunning momma herself.

First thought when you saw little Scarlett...
a never ending, unconditional love for this sweet soul
Words that describe your life with a new baby...
Hectic. Blessed. Joy. Busy. Perfect. Grateful
Favorite moments from this first year being a new mommy...
When she started to notice and recognize us.
When she started to giggle uncontrollably and immediately got he hiccups afterwards.
Snuggling with her at the beginning of each morning and at the end of each night. Who am I kidding, snuggling with her ALL DAY, everyday!
Any moment that has made you laugh hysterically...
That would have to be when she gets the giggles. For some reason I can't help but laugh out loud when she does it, maybe because there's something so innocent and sweet about that sound.
What do you do during nap time...
We are still working on nap time, but if I do get those moments to myself I will hurry up and do a load of laundry or read some of my favorite blogs.
What are your "mommy-alone-time" indulgences...
Reading US weekly, blogging, organizing, making new picture books on the computer, and every once in a while...a spa day.
This being your first Mother's Day, what does it mean to you/how do you feel about it...
Wow! I still cannot believe I'm a mom. It means so much to me, because now that I am a mom  I realize how much goes into being a good mom. It makes me appreciate my mom and other moms out there.
What is your plan for your first Mother's Day...
No plans as of now, but my sneaky husband always has something up his sleeve.
What wishes do you have for Scarlett and her life...
Oh gosh...I have so many. Most of all I just want her to be a good person and develop an everlasting love with God. I want her to have a full life with lots of experiences and memories. I want her to be a kind and giving person.

Thank you sweet lady and give butterfly kisses to Scarlett from W. We will make our way to KC as soon as possible and I will expect lots of playtime with you and the little lady. Have the happiest of Mother's Days...the best is yet to come!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the final mom in this "New Mother" series... I will give you a hit...It is me!


  1. Morgan! Thank you so much for letting me answer these fun questions! Also, in response to your post below, please don't stop doing outfit posts! I absolutely love them. You are such a stylish mama!

  2. I just discovered your blog! And then I see this post about Ashley who I know here in Kansas City. The blog world is so small! I look forward to following your blog, and congrats on your top Dallas blogger award! How fun is that?!

    1. Hi Melanie! Such a small world. Ashley is just the sweetest. Thank you for the sweet compliments and so glad you like the blog! xo


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