posted on: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I am loving being back home with my boys but I am also still equally missing being in NYC with my girls. Spending quality time with my mom and LLL was beyond refreshing and I cannot wait to go back again. 

Business meeting in Central Park. Duh. 

This gorgeous girl and I were best friends in college. I packed my Dallas bags to move to NYC after school with her and the very day that we were supposed to sign our 2 year lease, Lehman Brother's crashed. I knew my dream finance job in NYC was just not in the cards for me. Oddly enough, that very day is when I got an email for an interview with the private equity firm in Dallas that ultimately became my first job. So as Jill and my big city dreams were crushed that day in September 2008, my life was put in a direction that ultimately lead me to where I am today. Funny how things always work out right if you let the Big Man upstairs lead you instead of forcing what we think is right?!
I had not seen Jill in over 3 years so it was SO wonderful to see her pretty face and catch up. One thing is certain with this friend; no amount of time apart will ever set us back. We just picked right back where we left off. Aren't those the best kind of friends?!
When we were having my dream dress up fun, I was wondering why there were orange cones all down the street outside of LLL's building [see them in the back ground]. Well turns out it because they were about to start filming a movie [see pretty little red headed Amy Adams in the crowd below] on "our" street.

 It was a movie set back in the 70's and it was so neat to see all of the props and all that goes into making a movie scene actually appear to be set back in time. Crazy. The crew let Jillian and I walk past all the action because "our" apartment was literally right where they were filling.... and I am pretttttty sure I heard the director calling our names as we skipped by, asking if we wanted to jump into some 70's getups and replace ole Amy...but we were too busy. Who has time to be in a movie?! I had to get back home to the real director in my life...this guy...


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