posted on: Monday, May 20, 2013

 Leaving little W on Wednesday evening was probably the saddest moment ever. He was being such a doll and I all I could think about was...No, I won't go...They can't make me (no one was making me?!?!)...I'll never leave his side until he is 18 81. Then with rolls of tears ruining my mascara, I pulled away and set off for the big city. The city of lights. The city where dreams are made. Ahhh, my wonderland, NYC. 
I had the pleasure of staying with one of the most fascinating people I have ever known. LLL. She is a sparkly gem with the most eclectic flare. Webster's may have actually being directly looking at LLL when they were defining the word eclectic. SHE IS SO COOL. So cool it hurts. Anyway, she is one of my mother's besties so we shacked up with her in her swanky apartment. 
Being in LLL's apartment, mainly her closet, is like walking into a shop full of golden retreiver puppies. You don't know which one to go pay attention to first. The amazingness of it all is just too much to take in all at once.  So once the initial shock began to wear off, what did I do? I started picking my puppies. I stripped off my boring-no-good-clothes [I love my clothes but let's be real, they do not really compare to LLL's] and began playing dress up. The ultimate kind of dress up that is. 

I mean it is only the most natural thing on earth to take business calls while sitting on an antique settee donning a floor length fur vest, Hermes belt, Tom Ford sunnies, Channel ballet flats...while noting with a Monte Black pen in a Louis Vuitton planner...Oh all while being surround by birkins, LV luggage and croc. Only natural. 
Let's pause to oogle over this all black, croc purse. If LLL was not already the most fabulous woman...she also is a handbag designer. 
Oh my gosh. Of course I had to change into my lighter fur vest while perusing the cases at  Cartier. More Champagne please! 

That sure was a realllllly tough day for me and I am exhausted from all fabulousness of it all. A girl can only handle so much Hermes in one day. And let's just say, I am still a little tipsy from all the fabulosity of LLL's loot. 
It sure was fun working in [borrowed] style...I definitely wanted to "accidentally" forget to take the belt off before I headed home...

Thank you LLL for letting me dazzle in your fabulous treasures. Oh and I miss you.  


  1. I have no words. (except to bring me next time!)
    So amazing!

  2. oh, i'll take... one LV wallet, umm, a gucci bag, and sure whatever throw in some hermes. and i'll take a chanel thingy, i guess!


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