posted on: Thursday, May 23, 2013

I have a question... Can you handle the truth? The real truth? In this pic, the sheilds are up in full force but scroll down to see the truth...
BAM! Me and my face with only two little worker bees. So pretty much NAKED.
I have never been nervous to walk around in public with no make up. I am not one of those girls that has to be totally done up just to run errands [even though the random people I encounter during those said errands may wish I cared more]. But I am NOT one of those girls that gets with in 100 yards of a camera with a fresh face. Recently I have fallen head over heels for Eminence Stop Crop Hydrating Mist which I have been religiously usings [morning and night] for about 6 weeks. And y'all...I think it's really working. I have not gotten even a hint of a blemish since I started using this [and I am 100% blemish prone. I mean seriously some little red bump aka arch nemesis is always present.]. 
So since I was feeling the skin love today, I decided that I was only going to wear mascara [the best ever] and Tarte flush on my cheeks and lips. So pretty much the bare bones. And get out the camera. GASP! 

If you are still reading and were not scared off by the DARK circles in the first picture... thank you. I did not even let Casey take a picture of me moments after getting engaged because I had no make up on. But today, is a new day. But don't worry my little pets, this will not become the norm. I am sure you would all like to throw a little concealer my way. 


  1. I think you look just as beautiful without make up as you do with it. You have a natural beauty and don't need to cover it up! Nan

    1. You are the sweetest, Nan! Miss and love you! xo

  2. lookin' gorgeous, lady! i definitely don't get all gussied up to run errands, either. especially not these days! ha! but i agree, a little goes a long way :) and umm dark circles?! yeah, i don't see any of those, missy! i can show you dark circles!

    1. Thanks girlie- and umm please you have no circles. We must make Sea Island work! Emailing you now :)

  3. You look gorg. (and I just ordered the toner, duh)


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