posted on: Friday, May 17, 2013

Sorry I dropped the beauty ball and failed to share an April beauty HUNT... I think I am still in shock that it is now May. SO here we have my favorites and newbies that I would like to try this May.

:: Supergoop CC Cream:: This stuff is ALL over the magazines this month and I for one was just getting used to the idea of what in the world a BB cream was, and now they throw CC creams at me?! After reading more about this little guy, I am sold and would really like to try it. Supergoop! is such a fantastic brand for the entire family so I know it will not disappoint.

:: Babor Skinovage Complex C Cream:: My sister in law gave me a sample of this a few years ago after she went to the Sea Island spa (probably the most fabulous spa I have ever set foot in). I was in the market for a new deep moisturizing night cream and I went through the sample at lightening speed because I just kept gooping it on my face. It felt [and smelled] that good that I just could not help myself to enough. Once I got hooked, I figured my beauty bank account was going to take a mega hit but I was delightfully surprised by the price point. It is luxurious with out the crazy hefty price tag. And hey, if it is good enough to be sold in that spa, it is the real deal.

:: Oribe Skin Light Reflecting Spray:: I finally treated myself to a babysitter and a hair cut recently (Cameron at l.a.r.c salon- she is a master at cuts and blowouts and has been cutting my hair for years- check her out) and she used this spray before she turned the dryer on. I left with the bounciest, shiniest locks I have seen in a while. And I just love the packaging. So dark and sleek it makes me feel cooler just seeing it sitting in my bathroom.

::Sonia Kashuk brush:: Literally Target's best kept secret and it is the exact same as my pricey Mason Pearson. Brushing your hair with this is like a mini head massage and produces the perfect amount of shine. Soooooo worth the $16.

::Fresh tinted lip balm:: If you are not a lipstick kind of gal but look like a ghost without some sort of color, this is your new bestie. Think fun shades that provide that not-to-much-not-to-little amount of color that your pout is dying for, all in the taste and feel of a chapstick.

:: Benefit "that gal" and "the Poreprofessional":: Katherine has porcelain skin. She likes to pretend she has flaws and gets breakouts but she does not. She's lying. These two products are her go to gals to help her achieve her perfect look. Most of her flawlessness is due to some awesome genetics but I am going to hope that some of it is due to this duo. I hit my max on beauty products last time I was at Ulta but as I was checking out I saw a little duo sampler of these two in one package and small sizes. Let's just say I will not be passing on these next time... I mean they are RIGHT by the register... I could never resist!

Cheers to fun new products and the month of May!


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