posted on: Friday, April 26, 2013

This week was surprisingly cold so I stayed inside doing fun things like this with my boos. I mean these two get me every dang time. I did not think it could get much cuter that this, but alas these two continue to amaze me. 

Sweet Baxter has been staying with us this week while his dad (my brother) is working in OKC. Baxter and Ryan lived with us for several months when they first moved to Texas and Charlie girl was so sad when Baxter moved out. Baxter is part lab, part fish. The moment I let him outside he jumps in the pool for a relaxing swim. Even if it is 40 degrees outside. 
I just noticed that W's hand is literally IN Charlie's mouth. Don't worry though, there was no bitting or tears being shed. Purely a little baby-hand-doggie-mouth-love. 
If only I could tell what these two were thinking about. I'd like to think they both think and talk to each other about how much they love their mom...and each other. 

This weekend a certain auntie is coming to visit us all the way from Alabama. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival...Excited to share pictures of our weekend together next week. Happy weekend! 

And do not forget Sunday is the last day to enter the Sheridan French $100 Giveaway! Winner will be announced on Monday! 


  1. Morgan, I just LOVE the pictures of Charlie Rose and her sweet William!!! They are precious! Hope you are framing some to hang!!! Nan


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