posted on: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

W and I arrived in Charleston just in time to run the Bridge race with my best friend, Mary. Right before we were about to start the race we ran into an old friend from high school (who just so happens to be Mary's other BFF) so it was so fun to catch up before the race began.

 Mary and I decided that goofing off was the best way to make it through the 6 miles that neither of us had trained for. This is about half way through on the amazing bridge that I marvel at each time I drive across it. So fun to know that I have run over it as well.
We noticed a group of Charleston fire fighters running together in uniform. Even in their cool (and heavy) hats! This is when I decided to run up beside one of them and ask him if he minded carrying me the rest of the way...He said yes but I did not have to actually take him up on the offer. Although my sore feet would now suggest otherwise. Then Mary, W and I ventured out to the beach for W's first experience with the sand and waves and beach in general. I'd say it went pretty well, although I will NEVER go to the beach unprepared again. Baby + sand + curious hands + mouth and eyes close by = sand in baby's eyes and mouth = tears. Lots of tears = bad, unprepared mom (note- W was fine and I was able to catch those tiny hands before he did any real damage). Next time I will make sure I have a water bottle with me to wash off any sandy fingers...

Our first few days in Charleston have been a blast and I cannot wait to share more camera pictures when we return to Texas. Yay for the beach, nice weather, best friends, family and the most beautiful city ever.


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