posted on: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, A Piece of Toasta while back and Molly's Toast Talk was about "pipe dreams." Basically a what-would-you-do-if-you-could-do-anything type of dream. Well... this is something I have been working on and thinking about for a long time but it has been on my mind ever so much since the birth of my sweet bug. Delivering my baby was the most amazing intense (actually there really are no words to describe it) experience of my life and ever since that day, I have felt more empowered that ever before. I truly believe that I can do ANYTHING. I have so many interests these days and instead of having them be random little occasional hobbies, I am wanting them to become more than that. So here it goes... my little things that I want to do with my little life.

Painting...I love painting and I want to take an oil painting class asap. I want to paint every day. Anything and everything... I dream of having a room all to myself in my home. Surrounded by big, wall to wall windows. In it would be an easel, paint, and a beautiful stool. And that is it. My painting haven.

Photography...I love photographing my little man and I am enrolling in a few classes this spring. My Nikon D3100 was a honeymoon gift and before the little man was born I purchased a 50 mm 1.8 lens and LOVE IT. Now I just need to actually learn how to really work my camera. I am sure it has much more to offer than just shooting in the basic modes. Although it did a pretty fantastic job capturing this sunset picture above from our hut on our honeymoon...

Interior Design...I love furniture shopping. LOVE IT. If I could have a million rooms to furnish, that would just be oh so fun. Our home has been pieced together with items from an assortment of places. Antique stores, main streams stores, Salvation Army and some hand me downs from Casey's parents. My vision for our home and my decorating sense has begun to change and I want less stuff. I want to purge and get rid of a lot of things. I am going for much more a traditional meets modern mix and want more clean lines and fresh colors. So I will be working on slowly changing things up around the Hunt house...oh and as far as dreams, I would love to help other people design their dream homes too...

PROJECT...there is a little something that I am in the very baby tiny teensy infant stages of working on and I am really excited. I still teeter-totter back and forth on whether or not I can actually make it happen (hence, why this is still somewhat of a secret). With the encouragement of the two most important men in my life (well 3 since the little bug obviously believes in his mommy's dreams more than anyone else because he thinks she is SUPERWOMAN) I really think it is a challenge I want to take on. I know it is going to be hard work, but I can see into the future and it could be really great. Really, really fantastic.  And if it turns out to be not so great, that is OKAY. At least I tried and had some fun while doing so. So at 4 am when I am feeding W and those thoughts of doubt start to creep it, I will squish them and remind myself that I am Superwoman (to the tiny creature in my arms at least).

So lets hope when I revisit this post 6 months from now that all of these things have gone into effect and are in full bloom. I am loving these dreams of mine and I am ready to make them happen. The big and the small.

What are your dreams?!


  1. OK, dying to know what the secret is :)
    XO, Chels


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