posted on: Monday, April 1, 2013

We had the best weekend out at the ranch with Casey's family. There are always too many people to count, way too many dogs to keep track of and countless opportunities to make wonderful memories with the ones we hold dear. W loves being outside so the ranch was the perfect setting to take some pictures of our little guy.

Surveying the land with cowboy Uncle Ryan.

Easter Eve sunset with the most perfect bunny.

W enjoys waking up several times a night while at the ranch (doesn't want to miss a moment) so mommy and the little guy enjoyed watching the sunrise on Easter morning. Nothing better to represent that "He has Risen" than watching a breath taking sunrise with my sweet thing. 
We have not had a family photo in a long time so despite the wind going nutzo on my hair, we were able to capture a some-what decent family photo.

I mean come on. Really, W?!? Melt my heart into a million tiny pieces. 
Heart bursting into a million pieces...again. I swear, right when I pull myself together, another perfect photo swoops in a melts me again. 
Horsing around with Nana B and dad.
All in all, I'd say this was the best the Easter I have ever had. Might have been because I have my very own bunny boo this year. We hope you had a wonderful Easter celebrating with loved ones and lots and lots of candy (I definitely stole some candy from my nieces and nephews baskets when they were not looking....sorry kiddos).


  1. I think these might be my favorite pictures yet --- so beautiful!! Sweet little munckin!!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! I love the family one, and of course all of the priceless W moments! ❤❤


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