posted on: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Here is a little ridiculously long (and it's only the first half) recap of our super awesome trip to Charleston. W woke up bright-eyed and ready to fly to a new city. This momma got lucky and the only empty seat on the plane happened to be right beside me. Free seat for the little guy equals much easier flying experience. We all woke up super duper early the next day and Mary (the BFF) and I ran the bridge run and had this little man waiting for us at the finish line.
 Then we made our way up to Columbia for a special tea and dessert party for the bride to be and squeezed in a quick little pit stop lunch with my dad and Coco.

 Cuties. W loves these two so much and thank goodness for face time! I feel like when he sees the people we face time with in person it takes him a few seconds to realize they have bodies too! Not just heads on a screen.
W loved playing with the toys Mimi borrowed for our stay. He particularly loved this very colorful annoying walker. Whatever makes baby happy, makes momma happy...right?! I know babies like bright colors, but come on Fisher-Price and all you baby toy makers...can we get some soft blues, whites and pastels that coordinate a little bit better with my decorating taste?! 
Goof ball in the making...
 After brunch, W decided he wanted to try out a hammock for the first time. Lounging...even sleeping perhaps!? SIKE. (This kid doesn't sleep!)
We did some serious walking around the historic city. I could get lost for days exploring the streets. This place is a gem. Best city in the country by far. I will put together a "What to do in Charleston" post soon.
Then, it came time for W to experience the sand, waves, wind and all. I was born at the beach and funny enough Morgan actually means "born by the sea" and Casey and I met at the beach. Soooo it is kind of in this kids genes that he is programmed to become a beach bum. The moment of truth...

Success! Trying to pick from the hundred's of pictures was quite hard but I figured there was only so much of us you can handle all in one post! I will be back later in the week with the second half of our trip where Casey joined us and a beautiful marriage took place. 


  1. Morgan, I miss you & W more than you know! This is a beautiful post and I love all the pics of little W & his first time to the beach. Hope life is amazing back in Dallas. xoxo, ME


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