posted on: Friday, April 19, 2013

Another trip to the beach was in store for little W and while he did enjoy the sand, sun (gooped with Supergoop! of course), and waves...home boy sometimes just wants to fuss. P.S. How cool are Mary's shades. Baller. I am forever envious of the coolness factor this girl emits. Luckily I get to call her my BFF so I like to think the cool rubs off on me. Wishful thinking.
Little W spent some quality time with his new "popsicle" at Mimi's house before all of the wedding festivities commenced.

Dying over this sweet photos of my new sistas with their new nephew.
 Finally reunited with Daddy after his trip to the Master's and being away for a whole week. When W saw Casey for the first time he started flapping his arms and smiling beyond control. Sweetest moment...check!
We enjoyed our first blended family lunch at Poe's on Sullivan's. 
 This is my mom's old bug that she learned to drive on. She and her bothers have had that thing restored several times and it still runs like new. One day if I ever decide to learn to drive a stick shift, it will be in the bad boy. How pretty is the SC license plate?! I miss having that on my ride.
 W loves sweetly biting his mommy.
Still enjoying having Dad back with us!
Bug love. 
 Love this guy. Can y'all tell he is just a LITTLE excited about his first trip to the Masters (already wearing his gear the day after)? He brought back three shirts for himself, cozies, Chapstick, towels, two adorable outfits for W and for me.....a Master's cookie. He knows me oh so well. And let me tell you, it was the best damn cookie I have ever had.
 The wedding day finally arrived.
The bride, W and I with two of the 5 new kids. Love you girlies!

Had to end this post like we started it with a crying pic. It is just too sweet. W in completely meltdown mode with Casey just being as gentle as can be. (This outburst only last about 5 seconds... just enough time for me to capture it). 

Are y'all sick of family pictures yet?! I am not :). More wedding pics of the bride and whole wedding to come soon! 

Happy Friday to all and sending all of our love and prayers to West, TX and up north. Let God shine down and heal the hearts, families and minds of all of his people. 


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