posted on: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Best Friends Forever. People throw the word BFF around loosely  these days (including myself) but who really are our best friends forever? I have amazing friends. Super close friends that I have known for years and new friends that I barely know at all but love none the less because there is just that instant click. Both kinds equally mean so much to me. I have many dear friends here in Texas who I am so fortunate to see often which makes living away from the others bearable. But sadly, so many of my BEST FRIENDS live far away. We always make a point to get together for trips, etc but it is really hard not having them close. I often wish we could just buy one big house and live in it together. Husbands, boyfriends, dogs, babies and all. That is how much I love my dearest friends. I want to be around them all the time and this darn thing called distance makes that impossible.

Spending last week with one of my oldest and truest, BFF's, was one of the best weeks ever. She and I were inseparable in high school. Then, I ended up moving to Texas for college. Did I ever think I would stay here?! No. Not at all. I am a drifter and a mover and I wanted to go far away and experience "the new" once again.  I got a job here after graduation and right when I was about to quit and uproot myself, I met my husband. And where did he happen to be from, Texas. I fell in love quickly (engaged 3 months after meeting) and never looked back because Texas is my home now and where I will live forever. It is where my children will grow up and where Casey and I will grow old and I am forever happy for Texas and all it has given me.

With all of that happiness equally comes sadness because it means I will never live anywhere else. Like I said before, I am an adventurer and a seeker of "the new." So my solution...Travel. Travel. Travel. Traveling all over the country to see my BFF's and dearest companions to make me feel whole is something I will always need to do. I cannot live without these friends. You all know who you are. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for sharing my heart with Casey and W. Sometimes my boys may get a little worried because when I have gone too long without seeing my peeps...I am just not the same. My BFF's make my heart full and complete me.

Mary and I went old school style and bought friend-ship rings. The ring is a little tiny (fake) gold band that has an XO on it. We found it in a little shop on King Street in Charleston. We also saw these colorful beauties (Nepal Misson Bracelets) in several boutiques and scooped some up to help support the women that make them. Such an amazing cause and the bracelets are so super cute and colorful. They roll right over your wrists so they fit almost everyone. We also will look to them as a symbol of our friend ship. Call us silly, but to us, these trinkets mean the world. Just looking at the picture now makes me smile and think of Mary and also makes me think I need to get some more! Love them!
So to all you BFF's out there in Texas, Charleston, ATL, Kansas City, California, Nashville, Greenville, etc...let's continue to fill my fingers, arms, feet, etc up with symbols of our friendships. They are daily reminders of the ones that make my heart complete. XOXOXOXOXO to my BFF's and all of the new best friends I will make along the way.

Nepal Misson Bracelets.(Order here). XO ring (similar and love these).


  1. You are the BEST bff anyone could ask for... I love this post! And you are an EVEN BETTER Mother to little, W! He is oh so lucky to have you and Casey, who are some of the most amazing parents in the world!


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