posted on: Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ever since the little guy was born, I have made a big effort to not just throw on my workout leggings (ha, let's be really there has been no working out over here in months) and old tee shirts every day. It really does wonders to actually get ready every day even though W and I may not even leave the house. I have found myself wanting to put mascara and lip stick on when I wake up and pop myself into this outfit. 

J Crew tees are so perfect and easy and once W spits up on one, I just toss on a fresh one. I have said over and over how comfortable these J Brand's are and simply cannot get enough of them. They are so comfortable I would be willing  to run a marathon in them. Ok well, maybe more like run around the block. I spent so much time looking for a bag that would function as a diaper bag. MZ Wallace does make an excellent diaper bag here but I just wanted something a little different with a pop of color. I have loved this purple tote since day one! These Sam E flats are literally the most comfortable flat I have ever worn. There was NO ouch-my-heels-hurt-because-I-am-breaking-them-in feeling whatsoever. I have them in black as well and want to invest in a leopard pair. These SW 50/50 boots are insane. I have wanted them for so so long and finally found them on eBay and pressed Buy Now immediately. 

I do not even have to even explain why I love Ray ban aviators but honestly the main reason is...they make me feel really cool. I know that may sound silly but when you are a mom some times you just want to feel cool. Essie nail polish colors are my favorite and I typically alternate between these two colors. 


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