posted on: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our dining room is a pretty little room that we enter each day. Not because we eat fine meals there every night, but mainly because it is the pass through to the back of our house where we really "live." Ideally, Casey and I would dress up, turn on classical music, dim the lights (love dimmers), light the candles and dine on the fine filets that I masterfully cooked, while sipping Italian wine and discussing this weeks news headlines. But let's be real... the only action this table see is getting covered with my diaper bag, keys and sunglasses...not with beautiful meals and quality time together like it deserves. But nonetheless, I love this room and all of the effort I put into decorating it.
I fell in love with this chandelier and actually returned my would-have-been rehearsal dinner dress so that I could buy this diva. Wearing a special dress for one night or getting to turn this beauty on every single day. I chose right!
We found this antique table and chairs for a steal. I know, I know...Why would I get white chairs when I plan on having a house full of messy children and dogs? My solution: rather than reupholstering them in white fabric, I had white slip covers made so that I can take them off and wash them if when need be. The gorgeous silver candlesticks were our wedding gift from Casey's parents and I had to have a shell mirror to remind me of the beach.

I love blue porcelain so when I saw this little cabinet in a local antique store, I grabbed it! Secret...I have found most of my blue and white pieces at our local Salvation Army! Can you believe that?! I also love having a beautiful, special spot to store all of my lovely wedding gifts. Waterford, china, silver, etc all deserve a beautiful place to reside. 

Much love to our sweet dining room and all of the dinners we wish we had in here. Note to self: add dining in the actually dining room to my list of "things to do."


  1. Beautiful! LOVE the blue and white! XOXO

  2. M. If you like blue and white you MUST visit the blog The Enchanted Home. Her home is to DIE for! Your DR is beautiful! Xoxo Nan

  3. I love your house! I really love your slipcovered chairs! I have been dying to get some for my dining room chairs!


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