posted on: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There was a lot of green around the Hunt house this past week and weekend. I guess we were subconsciously gearing up for St. Patty's Day. This weekend we surprised a dear friend for this 30th birthday, hung around with a best friend and enjoyed wearing green on Sunday while visiting with Casey's mothers family.
W's new favorite thing is to chill out with the door to the backyard open so he can watch and laugh at his Charlie girl.
He tried avocado for the first time here and he is ready to take control. I have a feeling once the little guy starts talking I am going to hear a lot of "mine."
 Lazy Sunday with dad.
 Ombre easter eggs. Thank you Walmart! 
I got out the Johnny jumper for W and let's just say he has a new favorite thing. 
 Everyone always says that W looks exactly like Casey. Honestly, I have never really seen it until this picture above. This is the very first picture I have taken where I think W looks identical to Casey. I guess I finally see what all of y'all have been saying....
If this picture does not make you smile, I do not know what will. W also found his feet finally and he thinks they taste like Oklahoma Joe's Carolina style sandwich. Miss you Uncle B and Auntie A. 
 My best friends. 

This week really was a week of many firsts for W. I am loving watching him grow and I am still in shock that in 10 days my little baby love is going to be six months old. Oh golly. 


  1. Morgan, Casey spit that child out!!! Mini me! Nan


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