posted on: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

*Again, the dark circles are major, major, major these days because home boy decided he wanted to hang with mom every two hours during the night. And not nap. I believe he has quite an aversion to his travel crib. We are home for a whole month though so hopefully we can get this boy back on track.

When I had Casey snap a few shots of W and I before heading into Park City, I did not realize that there were so many stripes involved! My shirt, his outfit, his scarf... stripes galore! Anyway I figured I would do a little W style post. People always say (guilty as charged) that little baby girl clothing is so much cuter than baby boys. But it has been really fun buying the little lad some manly frocks of his own. W's wardrobe consists mainly of things from baby Gap, Ralph Lauren Baby, Kissy Kissy and Splendid. All great company's that not only make the most darling girlie clothes, but super cute handsome boy clothes too. 


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