posted on: Monday, March 25, 2013

As you all know I am a beauty junkie and I wanted to let you in on what I am trying and wanting to try this March.

:: This Chanel foundation is mind blowing. I have been searching for years for the perfect light coverage foundation and my search is. over. YES. Many of the foundations I have tried (and liked) have all been extremely heavy, leading me to only wear them when I go out at night or for a special occasion. I have also tried several tinted moisturizers hoping to find the perfect day time coverage but all of the highly recommended ones did not impress. I was over at my sister in laws with W hanging out while she was getting ready and she was painting her face (literally) with this stuff. She had just been to the Chanel counter and left with this product and a new foundation brush (a must have). She was smitten with the product and after seeing the way her skin looked I immediately ran to Neiman's and purchased it my shade (22 Beige Rose). Sheer amazement. I love this stuff. It is perfect for day and perfect for night. I literally will kill Chanel if they change or discontinue this product EVER. Ladies, go try a sample and I hope you find it as amazing as I have. Welcome to my make up drawer Vitalumiere  Aqua! They also recommended this Chanel eye shadow palette for me (blue eyes) and now I actually get excited to put makeup on each morning now (very new to me!).

:: I definitely need to invest in a great dry shampoo (this mama tries her best to have a nice blow dry every other day, but lets be real, sometimes I just can't) and EVERY reputable blogger, magazine, etc recommends this Klorane product. Pressing buy as we speak! I also am in the market for a volumizing root lifter (the higher the better, right?!?!) so this John Frieda product is an inexpensive winner!

 :: I have seen over and over that Urban Decay's Makeup setting spray truly does what it says. If this true, order me a case! How many of us spend time putting on our makeup and step back and feel glamourous. Then a few hours later, catch a glimpse of your face in the mirror and gasp in sheer horror thinking "I KNOW I PUT MAKEUP ON TODAY! Where did it go?!?!" So if this can solve that problem then these people are genius!

:: Y'all know that I like to ask people with great skin what their secret is and one day while perusing the makeup counters I noticed a gorgeous woman in her 60's with GLOWING skin. Of course I asked and her secret was Skin Ceuticals Phloretin CF. It is pricey but I am telling y'all her skin was sheer perfection. I am adding this to my list of MUST TRY'S of 2013.

Hope y'all enjoyed :: the beauty HUNT:: for March! Ladies, friends, mothers... share your best skin secrets with the rest of us! Please, I am begging you :) xoxo


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