posted on: Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You know those weekends that just make your heart warm inside and make you want to press replay over and over. Well, this past weekend was just that. The perfect way to start off the month of March and the perfect way to introduce two of my greatest loves; W and skiing. I have skied every year of my life (I even skied newly pregnant last year) and this year was the most special because I had my little love chip of a son with me. I just know he fell in love with the mountains just like his mama, despite his sleep schedule being completely thrown for a 360 loop-de-loop. One afternoon after hitting the slopes, we hopped in the car and descended into Park City to walk around the town and peruse the main street shops and restaurants. 
W's dream shoes...
Mommy's dream boots...
 Love these two. 

Reading his favorite book. Over. and Over. and Over...and Over again. And one more time. 

Airport napping with my favorite traveler.

I wish we could see my dad and Coco every weekend. Unfortunately we live hundreds of miles away from one another, but fortunately we have trips like these to make memories to last us until the next visit.This ski trip was perfect and now it's time to start planning Ski Trip 2014.


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