posted on: Monday, February 25, 2013

When you find out you are pregnant, there are a million lightening bolts that spark in your brain and a cocktail of thoughts and feelings begin to shake up. Those of excitement and wonder, and those of concern and just being flat out nervous (the list of feelings goes on and on). Shortly after it all sets in....the name discussions begin, and oh boy did we have some of those.  For someone who was born and given a precious name, then  later re-named his precious current name in the hospital (Casey was his doctors middle name), he definitely had an opinion when it came to naming our unknown little bean. My parents had my name picked out on one of their early dates. Morgan is my maternal grandmother's maiden name and my middle name just so happens to be my maternal AND paternal grandmother's middle names, so my parents had that one figured out before they said I do. We (mainly me forcing this decision) went old school style and decided not to find out the sex of our baby therefore we had the pleasure of arguing discussing princess AND prince names. Through this process I learned that Casey is a VERY traditional name lover. I would hear of the CUTEST name and be so excited to tell the husband, mainly just to see his reaction. Most of the time he just looked back at me with disgust and confusion as to how on earth could I  think that name was "cute."My cousin sister and I would purposefully throw out wack-a-doodle names just to get a rise out of Casey and see his face and hear his whitty, ultimate put down of the name. I mean this dude that I am married to is quick on his feet when it comes to picking apart a name. And this "game" of mine was fun to play every once in a while. So how did we ever decide.....well it clearly wasn't easy along the ride...but you know what, once we actually chose our name it was the clear winner all along. I had one of those DUH?!?! moments, like of course that will be our son's name. Now if we had been blessed with a little princess instead of a prince...she still may be un-named. (Our lack of agreement in the name arena got so bad that I even asked our labor and delivery hospital tour guide if you were allow to leave with your baby unnamed. The answer is yes.)

When we became parents and first laid eyes on our screaming sweet, bright-eyed baby BOY the doctor asked what HIS name would be and it just rolled off my tongue. In the very last week of my pregnancy, we had pretty much decided on our boy name, but I demanded we waited until we met the baby to actually make the decision for sure, but when I saw our sweet boy I did not even hesitate. JWH is our name and fits our baby perfectly. JW is my maternal grandfathers name.  The little bug is the fifth (count 'em FIFTH) generation of JW's. (Even though the other's all share the same last name therefore are true senior, junior, the third and the fourth, our sweet boy happens to share the same last name initial as his namesakes) W (which he goes by) is also Casey's paternal grand father's first name. So we felt it was just perfect for him to be named after two great men. Also, Casey felt it was the perfect name for the future president. (What dad doesn't think his son will be President?) But it seriously played a big role his Casey's acceptance of the name.


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