posted on: Monday, February 4, 2013

And we are back. I loved every single millisecond I spent with my girls this past weekend and I miss them all terribly. Luckily two of them are engaged so we have weddings and most importantly bachelorette parties to attend this summer and fall. The weekend was filled with wine, a Persian feast prepared by the best mother (only second to my own) out there, iPhone catchphrase, more wine, Saturday strolls in 75 degree weather, salads, a dinner out at one of the coolest spots in town, and more wine.... and a forced shot or two (I spit my back lame). Houston was a success but it does feel nice to have the little bug back home and in his own bed. As much as I love my girls, there is nothing better in this world that spending the day with my main squeeze.

Queue the baby foot fetish...

In an effort to look and feel more rad, I made a last minute purchase of these bad boys. I saw them in a local shop and kept going back to them while in the store. I left and walked around enjoying the weather and when they were still on my mind when it was time to head home for W's nap time, I knew I needed them. RIGHT THAT MINUTE. Once they were mine, I immediately popped them open and put them into place. These Melissa Joy Manning earrings are sold individually and I went with a W (which I can turn around to be an M) and an H for my last name. I have been rocking them ever since and they make me feel great. Cool points for this mommy. 

Target black v neck. Forever 21 floral jeans. Ray Bans. Baby Splendid on the little guy.


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