posted on: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I never intended to ever show these photos to anyone and I contemplated whether I even wanted to take maternity pictures at all. Well, I am 196% glad that I did with the talented Suzi Neely back in August when I was 34 weeks pregnant. Looking back at the pictures is somewhat hard for me because it is so weird to see myself pregnant now that the little guy is here. Hard to imagine that that is him, W, our bug, our baby boy, inside of my belly. At the same time, seeing these pictures is so special because I get to relive (for a second) what it was like to have him all to myself. I look forward to many more healthy, blessed pregnancies and many more belly shots from Miss Neely. 

One of my favorites from W's newborn session.

Swing over to Suzi's website here and take a look around. She is the and so so patient when it comes to newborns. TMI but W even pooped in her hand and she did not even flinch. She just casually said "this isn't the first time and it will not be the last." Thank you Suzi for capturing these sweet memories for me


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