posted on: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This weekend was the kind of weekend I live for; one all about and devoted to family. The bug's Mimi was in town which is always the best. We love having her here to spend time with our sweet boy and she is the very best. New navy blue shades for the little guy were a must. Watch our girlies, this baby boy is a stud muffin. We loved some Sunday morning snuggles in bed with our little man and then had a  family outing to the dog park to let Charlie release all some of her energy. She just chases balls the whole time and we know she has had enough when she runs over to the water bowls and plops down to drink. Makes for a lovely messy car ride home. I swear this life just keeps getting better every single minute. Luckily for us we have so much of our family in town and the out of towners come visit a lot. Next up we are off to spend some snow time with the bug's Granddad and Coco. I cannot wait to strap on ski boots (when are they going to come out with comfortable ski boots?!) and re-visit the glorious, ski village where I learned to ski. It has always been my dream to be able to one day bring my children to the mountains and have them experience the joys the mountains have to offer. And yes, I have already inquired at what age baby boy can begin skiing...just a few more years :)


  1. Mimi, Morgan, Casey & William- what a beautiful family!!!! I love you all more than you know ;)


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