posted on: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just a few months old with Granddad

In T minus zero hours (NOW) we will be en route to Deer Valley...aka Heaven... for a long over due family ski trip. Over 20 years ago my little kiddo feet hopped into some fluorescent red mini ski boots and instantly my love affair with skiing and the mountains began. I was a master at ski school with my brother and cousin and we dominated the mountain. Deer Valley was home to me and I looked forward to the family ski trip (my dad's whole side of the family) like it was christmas morning every single year. Deer Valley brings back a multitude of feelings. This is where I think I will always feel most connected to my grandfather who passed away when I was 14. He spearheaded these family trips to DV and was an incredible skier. He was such a dedicated skier and grandfather that he even skied in his final year with his chemo pack on. I have not been back to DV since he passed because we switched to Aspen the following year. I know it is going to be so different with tons of new hotels and buildings and ski runs but I still hope part of it feels the exact same. The part that makes me think of my Granddad. Casey and I even chose to get married in the Rocky mountains and a big reason was that it is where I feel the closest to my grandfather and my mom's mother (who also frequented the ski trips and had a passion for skiing).  I have always felt that you cannot get much closer to heaven than being atop the snow capped mountains and I wanted them to have a front row seat at my wedding. So Deer Valley, I cannot wait to see you again. I know the moment I strap on my boots and skis and head up the chairlift, the tears are going to start rolling down my face.... but its okay, because all I have to do is look over at my dad. His tears will be flowing too. Cheers to you Granddad and the MANY amazing memories at Deer Valley. 

Mom Mom


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