posted on: Friday, February 8, 2013

I was walking around Northpark with my favorite little accessory (W) in tow and we stopped in a store that I never let myself go in because of the extreme adorableness factor Jacadi has got going on. Problem is, if I let myself shop there I would be broke but the little bug would be looking fly each and every day. Anyway...sad story, they are closing their Northpark location. Happy story, tons of stuff is 50% off plus an additional 20%. (Turns out this special is on their website as well) Needless to say...I allowed myself to make a few purchase for the little guy. So mothers, friends, soon to be mothers, to the Northpark location before the end of the month. They are closing around February 23 (my mom brain has already made me forget the exact date they told me). I would expect additional mark downs before the doors shut for good. Au revoir Jacadi. W's wardrobe down a point. Mom's wallet up a point.

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