posted on: Thursday, January 17, 2013

 I attended Catholic school when I was younger and I dreaded wearing our uniforms every. single. day.  My mother loved this since I was such a PAIN when it came to picking out an outfit. If I did not already have one picked out in my mind, my closet ended up on my floor due to me trying everything on in the hopes of finding a satisfactory outfit. How do you express yourself when you are forced to wear what everyone else is wearing?! Even our bows were the uniform plaid. (I actually found nail polish that went on clear and when it was exposed to the sun... recess... it turned blue.) 

Well times have changed. Spit up. drool. And a host of other baby things always tend to end up on my clothes. Gone are the days of silk shirts and dry clean only items. So I put on my mom uniform on the days when we just stay at home. V neck tees, cozy sweater, leggings, workout pants, socks and slippers. These items are my new uniform and I love it.

And if I am really lucky, my nails may be painted a fun bright color :)

Loft sweater. JCREW tissue tee. Lululemon pants. UGG slippers. Essie Nail Polish.


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