posted on: Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sweet husband, since you are most likely my one and only reader I thought I would start off by celebrating you. My favorite thing. I know you are cringing at the thought of me writing about you and our lives on the internet let alone me posting pictures of it all. I know I am giving your brothers {he is one of 4 boys + a lovely sister} super amounts of ammo to make you the brunt of their jokes. I know you dislike looking over and seeing me on the couch with my head burried into my iPad "bloggin" as you call it. But I also know that you have a love for my creative side and this is what I decided to do with it in 2013. So cheers to you my best friend, mentor, knight in shinning armor, schmoopy {that one was for you T}. Thanks for being you.


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