posted on: Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet our sweet girl, Charlie. The most beautiful white golden retriever puppy princess that ever lived. Ironically her name rhymes with Marley {the "neurotic, naughty" dog in "Marley and Me"} because our Charlie stories could rival Marley's! We welcomed her into our lives in the fall of 2011 after our wedding and she instantly became our first baby. She is a mess none the less but she gets away with it because she is so gorgeous.
{No words for her cuteness}

{After a mud run in 30 degree weather}
{This is what happens when you do not kennel your puppy when you leave the house for 10 minutes}

{Best Buddies}
{Always laying beside and protecting baby boy}

Charlie, Charles, Chuck Wagon, Chuckleberry Finn {no clue how half of these nicknames came into play) we love you and your Marley moments! 


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