posted on: Friday, January 11, 2013

The little bug, Charlie and I are headed to Ft. Worth today to visit some of our favorite people. When I think of Ft. Worth I think of Sheridan French and her ah-mazing clothing line. Her blog, The Southern Eclectic, is one of the first blogs I ever came across and I have been obsessed ever since. She just happens to be the most hilarious (gorgeous) blogger and I like to pretend she is my imaginary BFF. She comes equipped with a little army of three that are just the most precious (stylish) kiddos ever. To me, she is supermom who is livin' the dream, one chocolate-almond-butter-spoonful-at-a-time. I am doing a little throwback here because these pictures are from earlier this year....obviously. I just love her designs and I cannot wait for her Spring 2013 collection. I KNOW it will not disappoint and I cannot wait to add more to my SF collection. 

At 14 weeks along, I made my brother take these of me because I was convinced my baby bump was showing. Now I will admit that I was just pushing my stomach out as much as possible in the hopes of looking pregnant. 

Just a LITTLE excited to be pregnant :) I cannot wait for spring to whip this little number out again.

Wearing this sleeveless tunic made me feel so beautiful. It almost made me forget that I was 38 weeks pregnant in 103 degree heat. Love you Texas heat!  Check out Sheridan's look book for the Spring 2013 collection. Is it spring yet?!?!


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